“I think Ed Mitchell working for you up there is worth a few points. Ed can definitely magnify an image.”

-Larry Ceisler, Philly FOX TV political analyst

“Unarguably the region’s most experienced and arguably best campaign media consultant.”

-The Scranton Times

“One of Pennsylvania’s Top Ten political operatives.”


“Political Wizard.”

-Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre

“He has a pretty good reputation, a pretty shrewd, smart political operative.”

-Terry Madonna, PA political analyst and pollster

“Ed Mitchell’s vast experience and innovative thinking gives us a PR edge…He has the pulse of the public.”

-Gene Brady, CEO Executive Director

“Mitchell is known for his hard hitting aggressive campaigns.”

-Allentown Morning Call

“Ed Mitchell is simply the best political strategist in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

-Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty

“It seems (among politicos polled) everyone’s choice for the most memorable political commercial was one crafted by campaign strategist Ed Mitchell.”

-Citizens Voice, Wilkes-Barre