You need more than a fancy cameraman, a snappy PR agency or a shopworn political sloganeer. You need the political professionals associated with Edward Mitchell Communications.

You’re not successful in campaigns with the experience that comes from making ads for dentists, lawyers or car dealerships.

Now in his 40th year of winning campaigns, media strategist Ed Mitchell is a trained political scientist. He offers more than a one dimensional approach to political campaigns.

Analyzing polling data, gathering research, providing media strategies and advice are among the strengths Edward Mitchell Communications brings to their winning campaign efforts. This is what goes into the compelling ads Ed Mitchell creates and produces.

If you’re looking for a sharp TV, radio and online message that wins, look to Edward Mitchell Communications.

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Good communications require creating compelling media. Edward Mitchell Communications has prided itself on this for 40+ years.


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We use all the media tools and services we offer to develop strategies and messages that put our client in the best public light.


For clients desiring the breadth of our experience but utilizing other firms for specific tasks, we offer general campaign strategy. 

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